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Posted by Jessie on November 2, 2012 at 9:10 AM

One of the greatest struggles I've found with being a self published author is formatting.  For every different format of your book (e-book, print) along with different every site that produce those formats you have to work to compose your book again to fit their requirements.

I'm not complaining, though the work does take some time, it's just what I noticed as part of this process.  I am thankful for google every time I have to format a manuscript in a new way because there are always parts that, despite a help section's best efforts, are not clear. Also, for those of you who have never had to try this before, Microsoft Word is not particularly well suited to formatting a manuscript for print.  It's possible (I use Microsoft Word for my writing and my formatting) but it is not easy. The hardest part I've found, is working with headers and footers.  If you want a page number, or the book title, or the author name, on certain pages but not others, well, it's a time consuming process.

I have found (so far anyway) that formatting for an e-book edition was much easier than attempting to format for a print edition.  Perhaps other sites (meaning not amazon) are different, but that's my experience up to this point.  It's been a new challenge, and I completely understand why in the larger publishing industry there are people who's full time job is formatting books for print, and I commend them for their work.  I know I would have appreciated the help.  But, as with most steps in the self publishing process, when you finally have success, and the manuscript fits, and looks mostly the way it should, nothing can beat that feeling of satisfaction. 

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