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Being Right and Being Disappointed

Posted by Jessie on January 20, 2018 at 4:05 PM

One year ago I was in Washington DC. Today Washington DC is shutdown. The government, the one I marched against 365 days ago, is shut down. The national government. Furloughs for staff, including over 1,000 from the Executive office, closings, including all the Smithsonian museums (starting Monday). This has to be karma, a sign right? I was correct. I knew they couldn't do it. I knew we, the popular vote had it right. I knew it would be a disaster, life ruining for so many. But, how terrible is that? How terrible to be right when you think so little of your own government, of your own country.

Maybe that's the hardest part. That being right this time is so disappointing. Women rose to the challenge a year ago, and then our leaders, particularly those who held all the cards, didn't rise to anything. So we've learned to count on each other. On the governed rather than the government. And while some days I must avoid the news so it's easier to get up in the morning, I don't avoid it today. Because I am far from the only one who is still worried and, even better, far from the only one who still cares.

And as I watch the news I see the commercials for the Olympics. And I hope that, and today I know that, there are still things to be proud of. There are still things that can bring us together for good, just like today. Just like knowing right from wrong. Just like knowing where, as a country, we actually want to go.

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